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Giving Up Life’s Pleasures…On Purpose!

See that lovely lady above? Her name is Racheletto and she’s a girl on the go. For the entire month of January, she has decided to simplify her life (in a very complicated way) and participate in something called “GULP.” What is GULP, you ask? GULP stands for “Give Up Life’s Pleasures.” Yeah, on purpose. […]

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Getting Your Week In Order!

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman. Greetings Baconeers! The new year has started and we have all made resolutions that, due to “time constraints,” are starting to fall to the wayside. I know I am guilty of it myself. So here is a great tip to help get […]

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Let’s Get Baked…Zucchini

I try to eat healthy, really I do. And for a girl who loves bacon and could eat it with every meal this can sometimes be tricky. (Note: 2 slices of bacon are only 90 calories so shut it). Often, when I’ve been going out to eat a lot or eating a bunch of fried […]

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Hello Stew, Meet Curry & Saffron

I tend to eat a lot of warm foods in the winter time. Winter just seems to loan itself well to soups, stews, and ragouts. The following is a modified version of one of my favorite recipes. It combines lots of veggies with two of my favorite spices: saffron and curry! I made this while […]

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Old Bread, New Life

Breadcrumbs are super easy to make and have on hand for the next time you need ’em. I tend to make up a batch every time I have a few extra pieces of bread in a loaf that’s getting old or is crusty. Also French Bread loaves make delightful crumbs!

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Spare A Rib Or Two

I was cooking for men. I needed to make man-shaped foods to feed manly menfolk. What’s manly? Ribs! What’s more manly than ribs? Ribs drowned in beer! I made these with my own BBQ sauce, which is pretty tangy. The great thing about making your own sauce is that you can make it to your […]


Crisper Drawer Ham & Black Eyed Pea Stew

Who snagged the ham bone after this year’s Christmas dinner? This girl. Traditionally a lot of folks prefer to make some version of split pea soup, but I decided to make something I call “Crisper Drawer Stew.” What exactly is in Crisper Drawer Stew? It’s not quite everything but the kitchen sink…it’s actually all the […]

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