Super Quick Treat For Super Bowling

It’s time for the big game!

This little treat is a great appetizer that a friend made and brought to a party of mine a few years ago. Ever since I’ve been taking it as my go-to quick and easy appetizer. The recipe below makes 16 but it’s very very easy to double, triple, or more!

The other bonus? It goes great with chili!

Game Day Poppers
–1 package of crescent rolls (from the refrigerated section of the grocer)
–4 thin slices of proscuitto
–1 jalapeno
–cream cheese


Whack and unwrap the crescent rolls. Cut each triangle in half so you now have 16 pieces of dough.

Slice the prosciutto into 16 slices.

Remove the top of the jalapeno. Cut the jalapeno in half. Slice the pepper along the length of the pepper so you have 16 slices.

Preheat the oven to the specifications on the crescent roll package.

Place the jalapeno slice on the proscuitto. Add a dollop of cream cheese (or a small square if you are using block cream cheese instead of out of the tub).

Roll up the prosciutto, wrapping it around the jalapeno/cream cheese chunk.

Place it on one end of the dough triangle.

Roll it up. Use your thumbs to spread the dough out to cover the ends so that you make a nice little football and no cheese, prosciutto or pepper is exposed.

Bake per the crescent roll package instructions (typically 35o degrees for 12 or so minutes).

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