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Are You Spicy?

I don’t own a grill. I know that seems somehow blasphemous to both the gods of summer and the gods of food, but it’s true.  Not even a George Foreman.  To clarify, I know how to grill and grew up in a household where the grill was gassed up all 12 months of the year.  […]

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Vegan. Green. Curry.

Mmm Thai curry. Hello delicious. Not to be confused with its tumeric-based Indian and Pakistani cousins, Thai curries are made of red, green, panang, and massaman curry pastes (among others). While both kinds of curries are delightful, the Thai version is heavy on the vegetables and often comes in a coconut milk broth. I made […]

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Use Your Food To Fight Cancer

I found this TED talk from William Li about how to use diet to preemptively fight cancer fascinating and I hope you do too!  Not familiar with TED? Find out more about their campaign to spread ideas.


Not Your Nonna’s Primavera

Summer is threatening to come (though it did snow earlier this week so I kind of wish it would threaten a little harder) and with it a bevy of fresh vegetables. This simple pasta dish combines a delightful mix of veggies with two different cultural flavors–the Italian-American dish of pasta primavera and the flavors of […]

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Quick N’ Dirty Risotto

I’ve already droned on and on about how versatile risotto can be so I won’t re-bore you with those details. But it’s also oh so easy to fix, especially on a night when you need something to eat fast!  Risotto for one is a staple in my life and it’s perfect for when the fridge […]

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Cinco de Bean-o

All right, all right. So that title probably isn’t my greatest. But since today is cinco de mayo, a holiday celebrated because of a battle victory, today’s dish is full of something you’d need to win any battle: protein! This recipe is vegetarian but can easily be made vegan by substituting the chicken broth for […]

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