Operation Goodbye Gut: A Contest!

Hello June. Hello swimsuit. Hello pool parties. Hello gut.
Grrr. Gut.
I know it could be worse. People don’t (often) ask me if I’m pregnant. (I’m not, and yes, there have been one or two who have looked at my little round belly and asked). I have what is known as a “First World Problem.”  I am happy, healthy, and well-fed. I have many options open to me as far as food is concerned and my little Buddha isn’t so large that it’s unhealthy. And I don’t look like this guy:
But I’m tired of the chub-rub, where the top of my jeans digs in to my tummy.  Perhaps you’ve noticed some tweaks to the Bacon & Other Bad Habits site? There have been more vegetarian choices (because I’m not eating much meat minus the chosen pork product) and I’ve added nutritional content to all new recipes.

Okay, I love bacon. I know that it isn’t the most health-conscious choice, but seriously, what is a life without things you love?  There IS a way to enjoy things we like in a way that is still good for us (and bad for our guts!) so…. It’s CONTESTtime!

I’ve got fun prize packs thanks to the folks at BIGS™ Sunflower Seeds (the makers of delicious summertime treats that feature J&D’s Bacon Salt). These prize packs have everything you need to enjoy an afternoon at the baseball game or a bbq–including beer coozies!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

From now until June 15th, submit a recipe that is secretly healthy but sure doesn’t taste like it!

You will be scored on the following three items*:

–Total calorie count per serving
–Ease of preparation
–Accessible ingredients/tools

*Extra points if your recipe includes bacon or a bacon-inspired product!

Winners will be chosen by June 30th and the winning entry will be posted here (clearly) with recipe credit of course, and perhaps a big fancy photo of you.

Email Your Recipes!

Federal Trade Commision, this fine print is for you:

Winners will receive one prize pack courtesy of BIGS™ valued at $50.00. Bacon & Other Bad Habits does not receive any funds from the fine folks at BIGS™. They were just nice enough to give us some super cool schwag that our fellow bacon-lovers could win because they’re nice people and they love bacon too.
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