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Sick of Turkey? Pot-Pie It.

Ugh, I am so full. But there is still a LOT of food in the refrigerator and there comes a time when one simply cannot bear the thought of eating the same (albeit delicious) meal again. And that is the time when I remember the adage they taught us in elementary school, “Recycle-Reuse-Reduce.” Mashed potatoes […]

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Bon Anniversaire Bacon & Other Bad Habits!

Logo courtesy of Simply Fabulous Gosh, has it really been a year? And yet, simultaneously, has it only been a year?It’s hard to believe that it was over a year ago when I was making bacon toffee cookie bars in my kitchen and had the epiphany moment. I decided then, fingers covered in dough, house […]

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Cookies Made of Air…And Pecans

I somehow feel that cookie monster would be proud of these little sweets. I’ve been trying to branch out more with baking. I just feel like I’m not so good at measuring and being exact; baking has so many rules and I’ve never been good at following rules. Also, it seems that cow dairy products […]


Think Pink (Salt) For Your Potatoes

It wasn’t that long ago that there was just plain ole table salt. The famous jug with the girl in the rain slicker comes to mind, pushing her iodized and non-iodized versions. But then there was also Kosher salt, which only chefs and those minding Kashrut seemed to know about. And then along came sea […]

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Squash: Roasted and Stuffed

It’s squash season and different squashes that I’ve never heard of before keep arriving from the farm. One got delivered yesterday called a Turban Squash. It looks more like the little toadstool guy from Super Mario Brothers, but I bet it tastes delicious… I haven’t cooked that one up yet, but I did recently stuff […]

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Pretzels: An Alternative to Bread Crumbs

I picked up some awesome mustard on my recent-ish Palisade adventure. It is made with wine ,so clearly, it’s extra yummy. I knew as soon as I plucked the jar from the shelf that it would taste most excellent slathered on a chicken breast and holding on a pretzel crust. Using pretzels is a fun […]

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Fabulous Fall Colors, Fantastic Fall Vegetables

We’re knee deep in Autumn; by now the leaves have changed to a rainbow of colors and are falling all around us. Halloween brought critters in costume, marching through piles of leaves and pumpkins, and wandering away full of sugar. It’s my favorite time of year for many reasons, but not the least of which […]

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