How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m thinking of starting a garden. Now that I’m out of my little townhouse (which only had a small porch and an HOA-manicured front walkway) and into a big girl house with a yard, I feel like it’s time to dig in some dirt. But what to plant?

Photo courtesy of Flickr user wwworks
With a garden I feel like one should plant foods that will be eaten (duh) but also as a newbie I want things that are easy to grow and without too long of a growing cycle. So potatoes, you’re out. I just don’t have the patience to wait 100+ days before eating you. I see tomatoes everywhere in Colorado gardens, so that seems like a logical choice. But I don’t want an entire garden of tomatoes (too boring!). Zucchini grows like a weed so maybe only one of you, zucchini. I can only eat so much! Mmm, I like leeks. And peppers. Those are things that will grow where I live. What else what else what else?

Herbs! Oh herbs, why haven’t I planted you before in tiny pots or a window box? How foolish I have been! I could have had my own fresh basil, thyme, mint, all winter long. Damn the man. Okay herbs, this year you will be planted outside in pots that can come inside for wintertime. That settles it.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user liza31337
And then? I’ll turn to The Grow Haus for tips and tricks on what to plant, when to start, and how to grow a garden in Colorado. The Grow Haus is a very cool non-profit urban farm that provides educational programming, indoor gardening, and a fresh produce market. Located two miles from our house, The Grow Haus is in an eclectic (though somewhat impoverished) neighborhood located North of downtown Denver. Surrounded by factories, warehouses, and yes, single family homes, this organization works to teach the residents about growing their own food. This seems like just the place for me to do my research!
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’m signed up for a workshop on March 5th where I’ll learn what to plant (and when) and what can be started indoors, as well as opportunities to talk to other urban gardeners and buy seeds. Woot! If you’re in Denver too and you’re interested, click on the picture below to be whisked away to the event page. This adventure is obviously to be continued…

Have a gardening tip or idea for me? Post it in the comments below or email me: baconandotherbadhabits[at]gmail[dot]com

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