Monthly Archives: July 2011

Bacon Is Meat Candy When Candied

Do you know what’s better than bacon? Candied bacon. Do you know how you candy bacon? You add sugar of course! I mean, okay, I didn’t say “Do you know what’s better for you than bacon…” did I? No. And with the addition of cream cheese and pastry crust this isn’t exactly the healthiest recipe […]

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Pasta With A Pinch Of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts (or pinon seeds) were once a hot trading commodity in Colorado and New Mexico. While times (and currencies) have changed, pine nuts still remain a pricey little taste of heaven. I buy mine in bulk to help curb costs and to allow me to have pine nuts to use at my disposal whenever […]

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Toasty Buns=Tasty Brunch

Brioche is delicious, let’s start there. I have a hard time imagining anything made from eggs and butter wouldn’t be tasty, for obvious reasons. Some of the best French toasts I’ve ever had were made with brioche. But brioche is also hard to come by, unless you happen to live down the street from a […]

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