Monthly Archives: March 2012

How to Make Cookies More Fun? Add Bacon!

Ahh springtime, known for cleaning of closets and of blogs. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe how many posts are just sitting here, waiting for me to write them if I would only make the time. Like this one of these delicious bacon chocolate chip cookie bars! This recipe is my go-to “Crap, I’m supposed to bring […]

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Church Ladies n’ Chicken Salad

In my granny’s time, having the best chicken salad at the church potluck was a social must to show all the others who the lord Himself would choose to dine with, if given the chance. The dish of choice for ladies luncheons and bridge clubs since the dawn of ladies luncheons and bridge clubs, chicken […]

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Pasta Making Madness & Bon Voyage Sadness

When friends move away it’s sad. [Insert sad emoticon here]. Recently my friends RnR moved to D.C. which is a bummer for obvious reasons—they are awesome and now D.C. just got infinitely more cool—and also means I’m hunting a replacement couple to double date with to rock shows, restaurants, and art galleries (if it’s you, […]

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