When Life Gets in the Way

Oh. Hi. It’s been awhile since you last heard from me. I wanted to pop in briefly to let all the dedicated fans of B&OBH know that I have not abandoned writing this blog, but have been otherwise occupied. Where did I go?

On May 4, 2013, my mother ended an epic battle (almost 14-years) with cancer #7. Yes. Seven. She was 56 years, 5 months, 28 days old when she finally passed away. Here was the spread from the party we had for birthday number 53. Because we were both afraid people would starve, obviously…

While both of my parents are food-folk, by mom was really the driving force behind my interest in learning to become a better cook. In the months leading up to her passing I was cooking and writing notes but I never seemed to be able to make the time to sit down and put together blog posts. In the weeks since Mama died, I haven’t felt much like cooking or writing. But I’m working on that and I hope you’ll be patient and stay with me as readers, fellow cooks, and fellow eaters.

I have a renewed vision for Bacon & Other Bad Habits – one that I think would make Mama proud. I’m excited to expand this site beyond recipes of what I’m cooking to also include more about my adventures in urban farming (or urban homesteading or whatever you want to call my crazy experiments with chickens and gardening). As I’m able to focus more attention back to writing, I’ll add travelogues and tips on where to eat and what to do across the U.S. and abroad. I visited 14 states in 2012 and have already made four trips both domestic and abroad so far in 2013 (with two more already booked) so I’m eating on the road a lot. As the unofficial ambassador of Denver, I also want to encourage you to come visit my city with some Colorado-specific content.

Most importantly, Mama and I want to continue to encourage you to eat more cake while wearing fancy outfits:

Leah Charney
Queen Bee of Bacon & Other Bad Habits

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