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Nibble on Dates on Your Next Date

So, I hosted a party recently, you know, like you do. Perhaps you read about it the other day? Hmm? Well, you’ll be shocked to know that I made more than one thing for the party. I know, crazy talk. So here’s another delicious (and time-friendly) appetizer you can serve at your next party, dinner […]

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One Hot Mess Of Veggies

As I said earlier this week, making salads can be a lot like making soup or pastas–you can throw together just about anything that tastes good! ¬†There’s pasta salad, and fruit salad, and a bevy of options when it comes to any greens-based salad. But I have to admit that even I hadn’t thought of […]

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Pantry Pasta

Every now and again I go on grocery strike. It usually happens after I open the cupboards and several somethings fall out onto my head. After a flurry of¬†Turret’s, I vow to do some cooking with the items in my pantry and not add anything new until I’ve depleted some of the old stashes.This recipe […]

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