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Pita Pear Pizzas

If we’re lucky, we’ll still have some delicious pears for a few more months. Pears, like grapes, do best in wine country climates like the Pacific Northwest (or the Western Slope in Colorado), where the combination of hot-cold and wet-dry work together to create supple sweet luscious fruits. Beyond being eaten plain–like an apple–pears work well in […]

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Stuffed Peaches Won’t Disappoint

Here’s another recipe that came out of my Palisade peach adventure. But this one has a much larger story than just, “Hey, I have some peaches. Cool…” Eat Denver is an organization of independent restaurateurs in the Denver area. This group takes the idea of being a localvore to a different level–eating local can be […]

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Goodbye Gut Contest: The Runner Up!

Our runner up submission in the Goodbye Gut Contest was from Erin F. who got extra points for including bacon in her recipe. This one is great for summer as beets are in season and easy to find. I know people who have been trying to give the ones in their garden away…so if you […]

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A New Spin On Chicken Wings

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman It’s Super Bowl Sunday and maybe you are thinking about serving wings–a definite football staple that needs a bit of shaking up. Here are 2 easy recipes that will impress your guests. Crispy Potato Wings –3 1/2 lbs chicken wings ( I […]

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