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The 3 C’s of Stew: Coconut, Chickpea, Curry

Hey look! Again I’m trying to use the Flip-Cam; again I’ve failed to post a video, but instead I have stills from the botched shoot for you. You still win. You are a winner! You are full of as much winning as Charlie Sheen! (Is that joke old yet? The answer–yes. Am I deleting it? […]

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Pantry Pasta

Every now and again I go on grocery strike. It usually happens after I open the cupboards and several somethings fall out onto my head. After a flurry of Turret’s, I vow to do some cooking with the items in my pantry and not add anything new until I’ve depleted some of the old stashes.This recipe […]

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Freezing Outside, Hearty & Warm Inside

It’s been f-ing cold in Denver. Single digits, negative temperatures, wind. And to make this cold snap even more delightful, there is no heat in my house. Apparently there is a problem with the boiler and they’re “working” to get it fixed. Meanwhile, I have nothing to do but freeze and cook to try to […]

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