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Goodbye Gut: Third Place Takes the Cake

What any good contest needs is a little competition, and I found that to be especially true of the Goodbye Gut contest. We got more submissions than expected (a good thing) and it took longer than anticipated to cook through all those recipes (also fine by me!). Today’s recipe will be the last featured recipe […]

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Goodbye Gut Contest: The Runner Up!

Our runner up submission in the Goodbye Gut Contest was from Erin F. who got extra points for including bacon in her recipe. This one is great for summer as beets are in season and easy to find. I know people who have been trying to give the ones in their garden away…so if you […]

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Goodbye Gut Contest: Our Winning Recipe!

Once upon a time, way back in June, we told you all about our Goodbye Gut Contest. Thanks to those of you who entered! It was a difficult process that took a bit longer than expected to cook our way through all your recipes–but a problem I’ll gladly take! Entries were scored on the following […]

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Operation Goodbye Gut: A Contest!

Hello June. Hello swimsuit. Hello pool parties. Hello gut. Grrr. Gut. I know it could be worse. People don’t (often) ask me if I’m pregnant. (I’m not, and yes, there have been one or two who have looked at my little round belly and asked). I have what is known as a “First World Problem.” […]

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