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Grillin’ It Is Akin to Killin’ It

Big changes have been afoot over here at Bacon HQ. You’ll be reading this recipe on the shiny new website on the shiny new web-server. Oooooh, aaaahhhh. And a lot of work was done on the house that I won’t bore you with (except to say that new homeowners get excited about weird shit y’all, […]

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A Grilling Fairy Tale

It’s hard to believe it’s officially Autumn, especially with the heat wave that many of us are feeling. I hear my friends in Atlanta are just as hot as it is here in Denver (still in the record-breaking upper 80s and low 90s). So in celebration, here’s one more Summer-inspired recipe that I’ve decided to […]

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Are You Spicy?

I don’t own a grill. I know that seems somehow blasphemous to both the gods of summer and the gods of food, but it’s true.  Not even a George Foreman.  To clarify, I know how to grill and grew up in a household where the grill was gassed up all 12 months of the year.  […]

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A Cure for the Winter Blues

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman I love cold weather, but these past few days of single digit temps have got me reminiscing for warmer times. So last night I broke out the electric grill. I know what you are thinking “What! grill indoors? and on a electric […]

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