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Sick of Turkey? Pot-Pie It.

Ugh, I am so full. But there is still a LOT of food in the refrigerator and there comes a time when one simply cannot bear the thought of eating the same (albeit delicious) meal again. And that is the time when I remember the adage they taught us in elementary school, “Recycle-Reuse-Reduce.” Mashed potatoes […]

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Pretzels: An Alternative to Bread Crumbs

I picked up some awesome mustard on my recent-ish Palisade adventure. It is made with wine ,so clearly, it’s extra yummy. I knew as soon as I plucked the jar from the shelf that it would taste most excellent slathered on a chicken breast and holding on a pretzel crust. Using pretzels is a fun […]

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Pita Pear Pizzas

If we’re lucky, we’ll still have some delicious pears for a few more months. Pears, like grapes, do best in wine country climates like the Pacific Northwest (or the Western Slope in Colorado), where the combination of hot-cold and wet-dry work together to create supple sweet luscious fruits. Beyond being eaten plain–like an apple–pears work well in […]

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Un-wrap This Appetizer

All right, I’ve already discussed my obsession with Asian cuisine, but seriously…I think it may actually be a problem. Am I in a rut? A delicious Thai-Chinese-Japanese-Indian inspired rut? It may just be that I have a theme (but I also really love tacos, so that just throws the whole theory out of whack). These […]

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A Recipe From Dad

I grew up surrounded by food. Both of my parents are really good cooks who enjoy cooking. Neither one of them is a gourmet (but then, neither am I) but they taught me the importance of food. Growing up I learned that food was a source of community and one of the best ways to […]

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Get Baked on a Friday Night

It’s Friday. No one wants to cook on Friday. The work week is over and you just want to hang out, or maybe go out. Here’s a really easy (but still healthy) dish that’s kid-friendly and time-sensitive. Sensitive to your valuable time, that is…

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