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Pasta Making Madness & Bon Voyage Sadness

When friends move away it’s sad. [Insert sad emoticon here]. Recently my friends RnR moved to D.C. which is a bummer for obvious reasons—they are awesome and now D.C. just got infinitely more cool—and also means I’m hunting a replacement couple to double date with to rock shows, restaurants, and art galleries (if it’s you, […]

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Let Tonight’s Dinner Make Tomorrow’s Lunch

Pasta salad is pretty much the easiest thing on the planet to make. Seriously. It is nearly impossible to screw up (I say nearly because I’m sure somehow someone out there may have figured it out). I’m a fan of making up a batch, throwing in whatever ingredients are in the fridge, eating the pasta […]

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Beans: The Glamour

Fideo con frijoles just makes me sound more worldly, eh? Translated it means pasta with beans, but fideo (and frijoles too for that matter) is a staple of Mexican and Spanish soups and stews. And nothing tastes better when baby it’s cold outside than a warm soup with a little kick to it! Fideo is […]

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Pasta With A Pinch Of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts (or pinon seeds) were once a hot trading commodity in Colorado and New Mexico. While times (and currencies) have changed, pine nuts still remain a pricey little taste of heaven. I buy mine in bulk to help curb costs and to allow me to have pine nuts to use at my disposal whenever […]

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Quitting A Chicken Marsala Habit

First, allow me to confess that I love chicken marsala. If I see it on a menu at a restaurant I feel compelled to order it, even if there are other and seemingly better options. Worse, it often occurs in the kinds of places where one should never order chicken marsala, like that airport where […]

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Mom Always Said "Eat Your Veggies"

Cauliflower, as it turns out, is amazingly good for you. Like kale, broccoli, and other veggies known as cruciferous, cauliflower contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Pregnant? Cauliflower has 15% of recommended daily folate intake and 90% of your vitamin C. Magic! But, again, like other cruciferous veggies, cauliflower can be tricky to eat […]

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Mac N’ Cheese Minus the Macaroni

Well hello delicious, my but aren’t you pretty. It’s perfectly okay to talk to your food–especially if it’s totally and completely something you shouldn’t be eating. Case in point, my recent genius decision to make a mac n’ cheese dish. What’s so bad about it? Oh honey, it’s soooo bad it’s good. The good: (A) […]

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I Confess, I’m A Sweet Potato Stalker

Sometimes I get crushes on restaurants and like any good school girl, I stalk their menus. The problem with having crushes on restaurants is that menus can change, leaving the menu-lover sitting in the rain á la every John Cusack movie made from 1985-2000. My newest crush is on a restaurant around the corner from my […]

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Poached Pasta Perfection

This recipe is one of my favorites for go-to grub! It’s quick and easy and contains many ingredients that almost always live in my pantry. I like that I can make it for one or two (or seven if need be) and can easily add meat or other fresh veggies depending upon what I have […]

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Not Your Nonna’s Primavera

Summer is threatening to come (though it did snow earlier this week so I kind of wish it would threaten a little harder) and with it a bevy of fresh vegetables. This simple pasta dish combines a delightful mix of veggies with two different cultural flavors–the Italian-American dish of pasta primavera and the flavors of […]

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