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Bacon Dessert Alert

Bacon dessert alert! I’m thinking more and more about this cookbook nonsense and realizing that if I’m going to do it I need to pull the damn trigger. I also took a trip to the south last month, surrounded by generations of classic cooks who treat the church and/or family cookbook on par with the […]

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Stuffed Peaches Won’t Disappoint

Here’s another recipe that came out of my Palisade peach adventure. But this one has a much larger story than just, “Hey, I have some peaches. Cool…” Eat Denver is an organization of independent restaurateurs in the Denver area. This group takes the idea of being a localvore to a different level–eating local can be […]

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Party With Some Peaches

“Palisade is the peach capital of Colorado,” tells the Palisade Chamber of Commerce website. But beyond peaches, you can also find apricots, okra, plums, honey, and wine. Oh yes. Palisade is the promised land for lovers of fresh fruits, vegetables, and winos alike. So, to pay homage to the Presidents of the United States of […]

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