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Liquid Diet Doesn’t Mean Bland Diet

People, I have graduated to soft foods. YEAH! Only certain ones, so still a pretty short list, but it’s exciting to have variety in my epicurean life once again. In the meantime—in those dark two weeks where meals could only be sucked through a straw—I got quite good at creating pureés and soups that were […]

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Greet Warm Weather With A Grilled Pear Salad

So. It’s May. Which yeah yeah means warmer weather. But you would think I live south of the Mason-Dixon the way the temperatures have been around here. It’s been in the 70s since March. March! Hell, it usually snows in May and no one can get plants in the ground til after Mother’s Day. Now […]

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Church Ladies n’ Chicken Salad

In my granny’s time, having the best chicken salad at the church potluck was a social must to show all the others who the lord Himself would choose to dine with, if given the chance. The dish of choice for ladies luncheons and bridge clubs since the dawn of ladies luncheons and bridge clubs, chicken […]

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Pecan + Orange = Fancy Ass Chicken

Blood oranges are the delightfully brighter, bitter member of the orange family, as you may remember from the last time I talked about them. The oranges require low temperatures at night in order to develop the deep maroon color and juice that gives the blood orange its name. Blissfully, this means you can find blood […]

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Cookies Made of Air…And Pecans

I somehow feel that cookie monster would be proud of these little sweets. I’ve been trying to branch out more with baking. I just feel like I’m not so good at measuring and being exact; baking has so many rules and I’ve never been good at following rules. Also, it seems that cow dairy products […]

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Holly Jolly Southern Holiday

I trust not everyone is recovered from this years holidays. And if you are, it’s just in time for New Years so we can start the recovery process all over again! I come from a long line of Georgia women. And nothing says “Georgia at Christmas” like pecan pie. The recipe below is inspired by […]

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