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Say I Love You With Pork on Pork

The way to the heart of many a valentine can be found in pork products. The “other” white meat can be healthy or sinful, pork chop or pork belly. The pig is a noble beast and we pay homage in this recipe, which features twice the pork and therefore twice the love. So please, say […]

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Sunday Supper: Sort-of Southern Style

My mama is from central Georgia, where I have spent many summers over the course of my life. But I’ve spent a lot less time in the big city of Atlanta until the four trips to ATL (four!) I’ve taken in last 16 months. Last year, after hosting a conference in the Midtown area, I […]

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Addicted To Hash (It’s Not What It Sounds Like!)

Hi. My name is Leah. And I’m addicted to hash. Nooooooo, not the kind you get in Amsterdam. The kind you eat. Wait, that came out wrong. We’re not baking brownies here folks, we’re making hash—a coarse mixture of ingredients. We’ve talked about this before. Give me a bunch of veggies and I will likely […]

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How To Make Green Chili? Beer. Braised. Butt.

It took a village to make this green chili. Almost literally. I believe no less than five people were involved in the making of this chili. Which was unnecessary, but decidedly more fun. Not surprisingly, cooking with friends is more fun that cooking alone. And cooking with friends who will help you make a roux […]

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Plans Change, Tasty Results Ensue

I bought already-shelled pomegranate seeds–and if you’ve ever slaved away at unlocking a pomegranate you’ll understand why. And I was super excited. Because they’re pomegranate seeds–and if you’ve ever slaved away at unlocking a pomegranate you’ll understand why. Oh, I had such grand plans for those pomegranate seeds–heating them over a dry skillet so they […]

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Wine’s The Way To Go

I drink enough wine, it’s about time I spent more time cooking with it! So recently I have begun experimenting with making various wine sauces. Wine sauces are an easy way to add a nice rich flavor to dishes. I made dinner for family last weekend and decided a pork tenderloin with a white wine […]

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Sausage + Bacon = Healthy Dish?

I know, you’re trying to figure out how it is possible that one could eat sausage and bacon in the same meal and not have a heart attack immediately? Oh my friends, you can absolutely have your (pork flavored?) cake and eat it too! This recipe was inspired by a meal I ate last winter […]

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Party With Some Peaches

“Palisade is the peach capital of Colorado,” tells the Palisade Chamber of Commerce website. But beyond peaches, you can also find apricots, okra, plums, honey, and wine. Oh yes. Palisade is the promised land for lovers of fresh fruits, vegetables, and winos alike. So, to pay homage to the Presidents of the United States of […]

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Family, Friends and Cafe Berlin

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve! I love this time of year. The lights, the music and especially the food! This is the time when everyone pulls out all the stops, forgets the diets and just eats for pure enjoyment. That being […]

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