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Seeing Red With Beets & Blood Oranges

Craving a pseudo-summer treat? Meet this salad. Part summer, part winter, all tasty. As any salad will tell you, delicious can be make-it or break-it with the right or wrong dressing. In lieu of a classic dressing I used the simple juice of a blood orange.Blood oranges are the most bad-ass of all citrus. Beyond […]

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Does Meat on a Stick Taste Better?

If you put pretty much anything on a stick that infinitely increases its awesome, yes? And even if the answer is no, summer time = grilling time, so putting food on a stick and that stick onto the grill can’t be a recipe for total disaster… I’m not always creative in the kitchen. There. I […]

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Grillin’ It Is Akin to Killin’ It

Big changes have been afoot over here at Bacon HQ. You’ll be reading this recipe on the shiny new website on the shiny new web-server. Oooooh, aaaahhhh. And a lot of work was done on the house that I won’t bore you with (except to say that new homeowners get excited about weird shit y’all, […]

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Leah’s Kidnapping -or- A Southern Vegan Treat

Dear readers, it is my painful duty to inform you that the recent silence from your beloved Bad Habits is because our dear Leah has been kidnapped. It seems her fears of the Vegan Police weren’t just paranoia or a plea for attention. As I type, she is being forced to eat tempeh bacon while […]

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Weeknight? Make It Light

Need a quick mid-week meal? Look no further than¬† your pantry. We all have stand bys (like pasta and store bought sauce or canned soup) that work well for us when we’re in a pinch, feeling uninspired, or feel super stressed out. I’m the last of those three right now as I’ve got big things […]

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Quick N’ Dirty Risotto

I’ve already droned on and on about how versatile risotto can be so I won’t re-bore you with those details. But it’s also oh so easy to fix, especially on a night when you need something to eat fast!¬† Risotto for one is a staple in my life and it’s perfect for when the fridge […]

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Get Baked on a Friday Night

It’s Friday. No one wants to cook on Friday. The work week is over and you just want to hang out, or maybe go out. Here’s a really easy (but still healthy) dish that’s kid-friendly and time-sensitive. Sensitive to your valuable time, that is…

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Banishing Breakfast Routines

I often fall into routines when it comes to making and eating breakfast at home. During the week I eat a bagel or a banana every morning. When I’m out of fruit or on the go I’ll have a Luna bar. If I have enough time I might fry up two pieces of bacon and […]

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A Cure for the Winter Blues

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman I love cold weather, but these past few days of single digit temps have got me reminiscing for warmer times. So last night I broke out the electric grill. I know what you are thinking “What! grill indoors? and on a electric […]

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