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Greet Warm Weather With A Grilled Pear Salad

So. It’s May. Which yeah yeah means warmer weather. But you would think I live south of the Mason-Dixon the way the temperatures have been around here. It’s been in the 70s since March. March! Hell, it usually snows in May and no one can get plants in the ground til after Mother’s Day. Now […]

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Seeing Red With Beets & Blood Oranges

Craving a pseudo-summer treat? Meet this salad. Part summer, part winter, all tasty. As any salad will tell you, delicious can be make-it or break-it with the right or wrong dressing. In lieu of a classic dressing I used the simple juice of a blood orange.Blood oranges are the most bad-ass of all citrus. Beyond […]

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Goodbye Gut Contest: The Runner Up!

Our runner up submission in the Goodbye Gut Contest was from Erin F. who got extra points for including bacon in her recipe. This one is great for summer as beets are in season and easy to find. I know people who have been trying to give the ones in their garden away…so if you […]

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Summer Slaw

In making this slaw, I used the Catholic method of cooking–more commonly known as the “Pour & Pray.” Pause for the terrible joke to sink in… and… moving on! Seriously though, I’m terrible at measuring things like this so the amounts of the liquids listed below are my best guess of what amounts of each […]

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One Hot Mess Of Veggies

As I said earlier this week, making salads can be a lot like making soup or pastas–you can throw together just about anything that tastes good! ┬áThere’s pasta salad, and fruit salad, and a bevy of options when it comes to any greens-based salad. But I have to admit that even I hadn’t thought of […]

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Sure It’s A Salad, But It Has Bacon Too!

I have no air conditioning. ┬áThe house I live inis a tiny place that was made for nuns. (Yes, really). It’s made of bricks and windows (thankfully). So in the summer, “cooking” takes on a whole new meaning for me–it means getting in and out of the kitchen without having to slave over a hot […]

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