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Movin’ On Up…To Soft Foods!

Surgery saga, continued: After graduating to soft foods, I am VERY excited to be able to incorporate more variety into my meals. But being excited didn’t exactly translate into being creative, so I took my quest—and my list of approved foods—to the Internets to help. What foods are on the list now? Moist rice, noodles, […]

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Vegan. Green. Curry.

Mmm Thai curry. Hello delicious. Not to be confused with its tumeric-based Indian and Pakistani cousins, Thai curries are made of red, green, panang, and massaman curry pastes (among others). While both kinds of curries are delightful, the Thai version is heavy on the vegetables and often comes in a coconut milk broth. I made […]

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Taken From Take Out

Today’s recipe is made just for you inspired by one of you! I got an email from reader Shannan who wanted to know how to make her favorite chinese soup at home. She’s a vegetarian so the recipe below is also herbivore-friendly, but I added pork to mine (as you’ll note in the pictures). She […]

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