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Hold Me Closer Tiny Burger

You know what’s awesome about sliders? They’re just tiny versions of something tasty! Sliders have such mass appeal that next to the regular hamburger and hot dog buns, you can now purchase tiny buns too. Sliders are a great way to portion control and also stretch your budget. You can make a pound of ground […]

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Asparagus & Sweet Peppers: Delightful Match!

I am a big fan of color–big fan. My couch is red, my hangers are lime green, the chairs on the porch are electric blue, and few clothes in my closet follow a neutral palette. So it’s no surprise that I also like colorful meals. Meals or dishes with lots of color have different flavors, […]

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Pâtisserie, Mais Oui!

I have told you previously about my love of pie crusts. It’s kind of like eating fried food–it’s always good, no matter what it is. Think about it. Fried pickles, yes. Fried oysters, yes. Fried chicken, hell yes. Now, try it with pie crust. Irish boxty, yum. Pie of pretty much any flavor under the […]

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Quitting A Chicken Marsala Habit

First, allow me to confess that I love chicken marsala. If I see it on a menu at a restaurant I feel compelled to order it, even if there are other and seemingly better options. Worse, it often occurs in the kinds of places where one should never order chicken marsala, like that airport where […]

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Tempeh Time!

Tempeh. The word itself even sounds a little weird, I realize. But it actually tastes good, and that is what’s important. And is full of protein. And easy to cook. And I needed tasty, protein-packed, simplicity after my workout. I was beat. This getting in shape business is hard. Stir fry is an easy way […]

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Breakfast of Champions

Do you ever have days where you feel like your get-up-n’-go just got up and went? Today’s recipe is a perfect cure for that! Packed with a lot of protein, and aided by sugars, this is sure to add a spring in your step. In fact, I’ve heard some say it’s a good hangover cure. […]

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