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Stuff A Pepper…But With What?

It’s Spring and that means swimsuit season is coming. As a result I’ve been trying to eat healthier and a lot of times that means trying new grains and sometimes eating Vegetarian. While I may have bacon almost every day, even the most awesome food items need a break every now and again. Normally when […]

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Domo Arigato Mister Risotto

I was craving some warm, comforting flavors and here’s what I came up with. Prosciutto is like ham’s fancy cousin (which makes it closely related to our good friend bacon) and is one of those meats that “plays well with others” and can be easily added to many dishes. Risotto is equally versatile and can […]

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Fried Sandwich of Yum

I get excited when stuff I like goes on sale at the grocery store. Like eggplant. I haven’t really done a whole lot with eggplant except fry it. And let’s be clear…frying = awesome. To be more clear, frying in a cast-iron skillet = heavenly. Instead of the traditional parmesan-style of preparation, I make mine […]

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Two Loves, One Dish

Apparently I’m as obsessed with kale as I am with bacon. Kale seems to be popping up in all of my recipes lately. So today, let’s combine my two loves and have a dish with bacon-y (and kale-icious) goodness! This dish can also easily become both vegetarian and vegan by removing the bacon and replacing […]


Taken From Take Out

Today’s recipe is made just for you inspired by one of you! I got an email from reader Shannan who wanted to know how to make her favorite chinese soup at home. She’s a vegetarian so the recipe below is also herbivore-friendly, but I added pork to mine (as you’ll note in the pictures). She […]

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Dinner-Party Party-People!

It’s cold where a lot of you are (and buried in snow if you’re anywhere close to the East coast!) and perhaps you’re feeling a little stir crazy. Summer is a great time for barbecues and outdoor revelry, but what about when you’re cooped up in the winter? I earned my Jr. Adult status recently […]

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