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Don’t Cook? Make Pesto

Oh man, did I have a lot of herbs. And fresh herbs are so delicious and add such depth to any dish, but they can be hard to use up before they wilt and spoil. If you’re growing an herb garden at home, kudos to you! That’s the best way to enjoy fresh herbs year-round […]

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Un-wrap This Appetizer

All right, I’ve already discussed my obsession with Asian cuisine, but seriously…I think it may actually be a problem. Am I in a rut? A delicious Thai-Chinese-Japanese-Indian inspired rut? It may just be that I have a theme (but I also really love tacos, so that just throws the whole theory out of whack). These […]

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Too Hot To Cook

First, it’s 100 degrees outside, and second I just got back from vacation in California where I ate a lot of vegan food. Both of those factors combined in my decision to make this noodle-y salad for lunch. It’s fast, simple, and easy and you won’t slave over a hot stove for too long! Soba […]

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Ellen Gustafson: Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue


Another Asian Delight, Please!

Apparently I’m a little obsessed with Asian food. I mean, it’s not anything I didn’t actually know before–given the option of where to go out to eat, I’m likely to list four Asian cuisines out of five cuisine choices. But I’ve noticed that I also like to cook Asian-inspired treats as well, as evidenced by […]

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The Happiest of Happy Hours

┬áDairy and I don’t get along so well. She’s like a bossy older sister whom you love and respect but often want to smack upside the head. I love cheese (mmm triple creams) and ice cream and butter (c’mon, from southern roots, whatdaya want?) but these things don’t love me anymore. I avoid them when […]


A Recipe From Dad

I grew up surrounded by food. Both of my parents are really good cooks who enjoy cooking. Neither one of them is a gourmet (but then, neither am I) but they taught me the importance of food. Growing up I learned that food was a source of community and one of the best ways to […]