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Country Christmas Classic: Collards

My mama (a southern belle through and through) changes up our Christmas meal every year. Last year it was lamb, ham the year before that, and this year we will be treated to prime rib (mmm!). But one thing never changes–there will be some seriously southern side dishes. For many, southern side dishes automatically conjure […]

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I Confess, I’m A Sweet Potato Stalker

Sometimes I get crushes on restaurants¬†and like any good school girl, I stalk their menus. The problem with having crushes on restaurants is that menus can change, leaving the menu-lover sitting in the rain √° la every John Cusack movie made from 1985-2000. My newest crush is on a restaurant around the corner from my […]

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Don’t Go South For Winter, Just Go South of the Border

All cooks find inspiration somewhere. I read a lot of other food blogs and subscribe to recipe feeds. One of my favorite finds is from Whole Foods Market. While I don’t always follow their recipe true to course, sometimes something they feature gets my brain into thinking along a path. This recipe is *almost* what […]

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Dear Breakfast, I Love You

Tip for making breakfast: Cook stuff you like. I happen to like goat cheese and portabella mushrooms. My BF would disagree (he can’t stand goat cheese) and would vote for Swiss cheese and broccoli. Conveniently both of these are great breakfast choices when gently encased in a fluffy egg exterior. Omelettes people, omelettes. (Or perhaps […]

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I’m Not Julia Child, But Who Is?

In Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia Child writes, “As is the case with most famous dishes, there are more ways than one to arrive at a good bouef bourguigon.” I’ve never actually cooked any of Julia’s famous recipes nor do I own any of her famous cookbooks (though Christmas is coming up *wink*wink*) […]

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