Monthly Archives: November 2011

Pecan + Orange = Fancy Ass Chicken

Blood oranges are the delightfully brighter, bitter member of the orange family, as you may remember from the last time I talked about them. The oranges require low temperatures at night in order to develop the deep maroon color and juice that gives the blood orange its name. Blissfully, this means you can find blood […]

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Seeing Red With Beets & Blood Oranges

Craving a pseudo-summer treat? Meet this salad. Part summer, part winter, all tasty. As any salad will tell you, delicious can be make-it or break-it with the right or wrong dressing. In lieu of a classic dressing I used the simple juice of a blood orange.Blood oranges are the most bad-ass of all citrus. Beyond […]

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Bacon Dessert Alert

Bacon dessert alert! I’m thinking more and more about this cookbook nonsense and realizing that if I’m going to do it I need to pull the damn trigger. I also took a trip to the south last month, surrounded by generations of classic cooks who treat the church and/or family cookbook on par with the […]

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