Crisper Drawer Ham & Black Eyed Pea Stew

Who snagged the ham bone after this year’s Christmas dinner? This girl.

Traditionally a lot of folks prefer to make some version of split pea soup, but I decided to make something I call “Crisper Drawer Stew.” What exactly is in Crisper Drawer Stew? It’s not quite everything but the kitchen sink…it’s actually all the veggies left in the crisper drawer that need to be cooked. Plus, it being New Years and all, it’s tradition to eat black eyed peas for good luck in the coming year.

So below is the recipe I made, but look inside your own crisper drawer. There’s veggies in there crying for help.

Crisper Drawer Ham Bone Soup
–1 ham bone, some ham left on it
–32 oz. Chicken Broth or Stock
–Carrots, sliced and chopped
–Celery stalks and ribs, sliced and chopped
–Turnip, sliced and chopped
–Onion, chopped into larger chunks
–3 Bay Leaves
–Garlic Salt
–Collard Greens, stems removed and roughly chopped (I just rip with my hands)
–1 bag frozen black eyed peas, thawed

Place the ham bone in a large stock pot and cover it with chicken broth/stock. Add the bay leaves, garlic, chopped carrots, onions, celery and turnip (insert-your-own-root-veggies-here). Simmer on low heat for 2-3 hours, until the ham is falling off the bone and the marrow slides out easily.

Remove the ham bone and remove any remaining ham from the bone. Fish out any other large chunks of ham and chop or rip (again, I use my hands) into smaller pieces.

Return the ham to the pot and add the ripped greens and black eyed peas.

Continue to simmer until ready to eat.

Remember, soups and stews almost always test better the next day!

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