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Soup To Satisfy A Pho-natic!

So the BF got me a Flip video camera for Christmas and I’ve been experimenting with it [Read: Figuring out how it works]. Thus far I haven’t made a video that could be posted without editing (shockingly, not many meals can be cooked and filmed in under 5 minutes to fit the YouTube standard) and […]

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Summer Slaw

In making this slaw, I used the Catholic method of cooking–more commonly known as the “Pour & Pray.” Pause for the terrible joke to sink in… and… moving on! Seriously though, I’m terrible at measuring things like this so the amounts of the liquids listed below are my best guess of what amounts of each […]

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Un-wrap This Appetizer

All right, I’ve already discussed my obsession with Asian cuisine, but seriously…I think it may actually be a problem. Am I in a rut? A delicious Thai-Chinese-Japanese-Indian inspired rut? It may just be that I have a theme (but I also really love tacos, so that just throws the whole theory out of whack). These […]

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Another Asian Delight, Please!

Apparently I’m a little obsessed with Asian food. I mean, it’s not anything I didn’t actually know before–given the option of where to go out to eat, I’m likely to list four Asian cuisines out of five cuisine choices. But I’ve noticed that I also like to cook Asian-inspired treats as well, as evidenced by […]

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