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Last of the Summer Soups

It has been a strange year so far. Work made me insane through the spring, then the BF and I took a trip to Japan to visit a childhood friend. As soon as we returned, my mother passed away. And since then, the summer has moved quickly and yet slowly. Now, the rains have come […]

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Garlic N’ Greens Are Good Friends

Trying to eat a little better? Never quite sure how to add leafy greens into your diet? Hate that I keep asking you questions? Great! I’ll stop now… Greens are a staple in my house as you can open the fridge just about any time of year and find kale, chard, turnip greens, collards or […]

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The 3 C’s of Stew: Coconut, Chickpea, Curry

Hey look! Again I’m trying to use the Flip-Cam; again I’ve failed to post a video, but instead I have stills from the botched shoot for you. You still win. You are a winner! You are full of as much winning as Charlie Sheen! (Is that joke old yet? The answer–yes. Am I deleting it? […]

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Simple Treat From The Mid-East

I feel a bit brain dead sometimes and need easy, tasty food that serves many purposes and isn’t total garbage. Oh so many times how I’ve succumbed to the “grab n’ go” and ended up later with a tummy ache or belly swollen with too much salt or grease. Last weekend I had some veggies […]

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Don’t Cook? Make Pesto

Oh man, did I have a lot of herbs. And fresh herbs are so delicious and add such depth to any dish, but they can be hard to use up before they wilt and spoil. If you’re growing an herb garden at home, kudos to you! That’s the best way to enjoy fresh herbs year-round […]

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Another Asian Delight, Please!

Apparently I’m a little obsessed with Asian food. I mean, it’s not anything I didn’t actually know before–given the option of where to go out to eat, I’m likely to list four Asian cuisines out of five cuisine choices. But I’ve noticed that I also like to cook Asian-inspired treats as well, as evidenced by […]

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Are You Spicy?

I don’t own a grill. I know that seems somehow blasphemous to both the gods of summer and the gods of food, but it’s true.  Not even a George Foreman.  To clarify, I know how to grill and grew up in a household where the grill was gassed up all 12 months of the year.  […]

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Stuff A Pepper…But With What?

It’s Spring and that means swimsuit season is coming. As a result I’ve been trying to eat healthier and a lot of times that means trying new grains and sometimes eating Vegetarian. While I may have bacon almost every day, even the most awesome food items need a break every now and again. Normally when […]

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Giving Up Life’s Pleasures…On Purpose!

See that lovely lady above? Her name is Racheletto and she’s a girl on the go. For the entire month of January, she has decided to simplify her life (in a very complicated way) and participate in something called “GULP.” What is GULP, you ask? GULP stands for “Give Up Life’s Pleasures.” Yeah, on purpose. […]

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