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Toasty Buns=Tasty Brunch

Brioche is delicious, let’s start there. I have a hard time imagining anything made from eggs and butter wouldn’t be tasty, for obvious reasons. Some of the best French toasts I’ve ever had were made with brioche. But brioche is also hard to come by, unless you happen to live down the street from a […]

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Dear Breakfast, I Love You

Tip for making breakfast: Cook stuff you like. I happen to like goat cheese and portabella mushrooms. My BF would disagree (he can’t stand goat cheese) and would vote for Swiss cheese and broccoli. Conveniently both of these are great breakfast choices when gently encased in a fluffy egg exterior. Omelettes people, omelettes. (Or perhaps […]

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Goodbye Gut: Third Place Takes the Cake

What any good contest needs is a little competition, and I found that to be especially true of the Goodbye Gut contest. We got more submissions than expected (a good thing) and it took longer than anticipated to cook through all those recipes (also fine by me!). Today’s recipe will be the last featured recipe […]

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Banishing Breakfast Routines

I often fall into routines when it comes to making and eating breakfast at home. During the week I eat a bagel or a banana every morning. When I’m out of fruit or on the go I’ll have a Luna bar. If I have enough time I might fry up two pieces of bacon and […]

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