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Addicted To Hash (It’s Not What It Sounds Like!)

Hi. My name is Leah. And I’m addicted to hash. Nooooooo, not the kind you get in Amsterdam. The kind you eat. Wait, that came out wrong. We’re not baking brownies here folks, we’re making hash—a coarse mixture of ingredients. We’ve talked about this before. Give me a bunch of veggies and I will likely […]

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Bacon Hash Cures What Ails Ya

On my birthday (yesterday for those playing along at home), I had a lot to celebrate. First off, I can EAT ALL THE THINGS! Woooooo! So, no more pureed this and soft that for me (or you by proxy). Now we have nothing but delicious everything to look forward to cooking and eating together. In […]

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Need Food Fast? You Need Chicken!

I eat a lot of chicken. I love chicken.  I have some chickens but I don’t eat those chickens. Chicken is so easy, so light, so protein-packed. Chicken lends itself to being fried, baked, poached, roasted, blah blah blah. We all have our standbys, those items that we turn to night after night because we […]

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One Pot Meals: Chicken Corn Chili

One pot meals. Yeah! What? Where’s your enthusiasm? All right, so you could accuse me of being lazy. That’s fine. Point your bony finger in my direction. Sometimes saving time is a lifesaver. I’m a busy girl. A gal on the go. That shouldn’t be shocking to you. So. Here we are. With a gorgeous […]

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From Hawaii With Love

Hawaii (or Hawai’i) is a paradise I’ve not yet visited. But, four (FOUR! Holy shit, really?!) years ago, one of my best friends and former roommates moved to the island of Kauai. Paradise. There she met the man-candy of her dreams and is now fixing to get hitched next summer. Which means? In June I’ll […]

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Smoky, Leeky, and of Course, Corny

I love leeks. But unlike their cousins, garlic and onions, I’m never quite sure what to do with leeks. But if I’m eating out and the menu item says “…blah blah leeks…” you bet I’m ordering it! So I decided to do a little experimentation by adding leeks to the corn chowder I was making. […]

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Don’t Go South For Winter, Just Go South of the Border

All cooks find inspiration somewhere. I read a lot of other food blogs and subscribe to recipe feeds. One of my favorite finds is from Whole Foods Market. While I don’t always follow their recipe true to course, sometimes something they feature gets my brain into thinking along a path. This recipe is *almost* what […]

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