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Beans: The Glamour

Fideo con frijoles just makes me sound more worldly, eh? Translated it means pasta with beans, but fideo (and frijoles too for that matter) is a staple of Mexican and Spanish soups and stews. And nothing tastes better when baby it’s cold outside than a warm soup with a little kick to it! Fideo is […]

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Chili To Feed The Masses (Or Just You!)

Mmm, chili. I know football season–classic chili time–is over, but screw the seasons. You should eat chili any time you want. Because it’s delicious. (Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Parks & Recreation lately so I may be channeling a little Ron Swanson there). So delicious in fact, that when the BF and I […]

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Spice Up Your Life

Note to self: Self, when friends say they are sick, find out what kind of sick. End note. Telling me “I’m sick,” is like telling me “I haven’t eaten in years, please help.” (I will feed you. Like it’s my job. Because it sort of is. At least that’s what I tell myself.) So when […]

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Don’t Go South For Winter, Just Go South of the Border

All cooks find inspiration somewhere. I read a lot of other food blogs and subscribe to recipe feeds. One of my favorite finds is from Whole Foods Market. While I don’t always follow their recipe true to course, sometimes something they feature gets my brain into thinking along a path. This recipe is *almost* what […]

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Cinco de Bean-o

All right, all right. So that title probably isn’t my greatest. But since today is cinco de mayo, a holiday celebrated because of a battle victory, today’s dish is full of something you’d need to win any battle: protein! This recipe is vegetarian but can easily be made vegan by substituting the chicken broth for […]

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Stuff A Pepper…But With What?

It’s Spring and that means swimsuit season is coming. As a result I’ve been trying to eat healthier and a lot of times that means trying new grains and sometimes eating Vegetarian. While I may have bacon almost every day, even the most awesome food items need a break every now and again. Normally when […]

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