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Tempeh Time!

Tempeh. The word itself even sounds a little weird, I realize. But it actually tastes good, and that is what’s important. And is full of protein. And easy to cook. And I needed tasty, protein-packed, simplicity after my workout. I was beat. This getting in shape business is hard. Stir fry is an easy way […]

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The 3 C’s of Stew: Coconut, Chickpea, Curry

Hey look! Again I’m trying to use the Flip-Cam; again I’ve failed to post a video, but instead I have stills from the botched shoot for you. You still win. You are a winner! You are full of as much winning as Charlie Sheen! (Is that joke old yet? The answer–yes. Am I deleting it? […]

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I Confess, I’m A Sweet Potato Stalker

Sometimes I get crushes on restaurants and like any good school girl, I stalk their menus. The problem with having crushes on restaurants is that menus can change, leaving the menu-lover sitting in the rain á la every John Cusack movie made from 1985-2000. My newest crush is on a restaurant around the corner from my […]

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Think Pink (Salt) For Your Potatoes

It wasn’t that long ago that there was just plain ole table salt. The famous jug with the girl in the rain slicker comes to mind, pushing her iodized and non-iodized versions. But then there was also Kosher salt, which only chefs and those minding Kashrut seemed to know about. And then along came sea […]

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Fabulous Fall Colors, Fantastic Fall Vegetables

We’re knee deep in Autumn; by now the leaves have changed to a rainbow of colors and are falling all around us. Halloween brought critters in costume, marching through piles of leaves and pumpkins, and wandering away full of sugar. It’s my favorite time of year for many reasons, but not the least of which […]

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Simple Treat From The Mid-East

I feel a bit brain dead sometimes and need easy, tasty food that serves many purposes and isn’t total garbage. Oh so many times how I’ve succumbed to the “grab n’ go” and ended up later with a tummy ache or belly swollen with too much salt or grease. Last weekend I had some veggies […]

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Good Risotto Gone Bad

We’ve all been there. You read a recipe and think, “Wow, that sounds delicious!” only to end up with a bland or boring concoction that you just wasted 30+ minutes of your life on. It happens to everyone, regardless of culinary savvy. Sometimes it’s the fault of the recipe, sometimes the cook, and sometimes external […]

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Weeknight? Make It Light

Need a quick mid-week meal? Look no further than  your pantry. We all have stand bys (like pasta and store bought sauce or canned soup) that work well for us when we’re in a pinch, feeling uninspired, or feel super stressed out. I’m the last of those three right now as I’ve got big things […]

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R x R Makes A Sweet Treat

I have a confession to make: I’ve never eaten rhubarb. I don’t know how much of a confession that truly is as rhubarb seems to only make an appearance in pies. Now I’m a big fan of pie, so don’t think that my reluctance to rhubarb has anything to do with pie. I’ve never seen […]

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Too Hot To Cook

First, it’s 100 degrees outside, and second I just got back from vacation in California where I ate a lot of vegan food. Both of those factors combined in my decision to make this noodle-y salad for lunch. It’s fast, simple, and easy and you won’t slave over a hot stove for too long! Soba […]

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