Giving Up Life’s Pleasures…On Purpose!

See that lovely lady above? Her name is Racheletto and she’s a girl on the go.

For the entire month of January, she has decided to simplify her life (in a very complicated way) and participate in something called “GULP.” What is GULP, you ask?

GULP stands for “Give Up Life’s Pleasures.” Yeah, on purpose.

So all month long she’s been subsisting on only 9 food ingredients, 5 condiments/seasonings, and 1 beverage. Here’s what she can eat:

● beans ● nuts ● apples ● yogurt ● eggs ● lemons/lemon juice ● spinach ● carrots ● potatoes●
● olive oil ● salt ● pepper ● curry powder ● honey ● water ●

Maybe this sounds crazy to you (like the thought of living without bacon just sounds sad to me) but scoot on over to her blog, follow her progress, and most importantly VOTE!

What’s this? Doing your civic duty? You betcha!

You see Ms. Racheletto will be donating the money she isn’t spending on groceries to one worthy cause.

My favorite among the bunch? SAME Cafe–a Denver joint that exists “so all may eat” and feeds the homeless and hungry.

GO! VOTE! Enjoy whatever you’re eating/drinking/consuming in her honor!

And maybe you’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

Well…How about our first ever Bacon & Other Bad Habits contest?!

Here are the rules:
1. Create and submit a recipe that Racheletto can eat to: leahcharney [at] gmail [dot] com.
2. Recipe must contain only the ingredients above.
3. You do not need to use all the ingredients.

Winners will be chosen on Sunday, January 31st (the last day of the GULP challenge).


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