Getting Your Week In Order!

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman.

Greetings Baconeers!

The new year has started and we have all made resolutions that, due to “time constraints,” are starting to fall to the wayside. I know I am guilty of it myself. So here is a great tip to help get you more time and if you resolved to lose weight, help with that as well.

Every Sunday, I sit down with a cookbook, paper and small dry erase board and plan out my menus for the week. Now any cookbook will do, but if you are concerned about the calories, pick one with healthy recipes.

As I page through the book, I think about how the week will run. For instance, Monday, Friday and Sunday, Mr. F and I are home together so I cook a big meal. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Mr F goes to the gym after work so I will cook a smaller meal or salads. Saturdays we usually go out for “hot date night”.

Once I have picked out the recipes and written them on the dry erase board ( this allows for easy changes if anything crazy pops up), I will create a shopping list for the week and shop Monday after work. Now I am done for the week!

I know what you’re thinking–“This chick is crazy!”–but it helps us keep our diets in check and after cooking all day at work, I don’t come home and stare into the fridge trying to get inspiration.

To make our meals a bit healthier, I usually eliminate all starches at dinner, portion-control our proteins and stay away from creamy salad dressings. This planning also works for lunch and keeps you away from the drive-thru.

So don’t let my over-planning scare you off. Give it a try for a week and I’m sure you will find it is as big of a time saver as I do.

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