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Garlic N’ Greens Are Good Friends

Trying to eat a little better? Never quite sure how to add leafy greens into your diet? Hate that I keep asking you questions? Great! I’ll stop now… Greens are a staple in my house as you can open the fridge just about any time of year and find kale, chard, turnip greens, collards or […]

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Travel By Taste

Everyone needs friends who like to travel. Everyone. Especially if you’re like me and always have a bad case of wanderlust. It’s hard to believe that I only just got my passport a year or so ago. And a bigger shame that I used it for the first (and only!) time about six months ago. […]

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10 Foods You Can Actually Eat

It seems like every time I open a magazine or gaze upon the interweb there is another food that I shudder to think about eating. In the past few years I’ve discovered that I get sick (stomach ache, gas, or worse) when I eat certain foods. Still others give me hives or headaches. Every one […]

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Soft Fish, Tough Veggie– Strong Partnership

Ugggggggh. Weekday slump. It’s been a week that’s been pretty ass-kicking mentally and pretty exhausting. So, for dinner options, the easier the better! This recipe is pretty rich in flavor and utilizes some simple fresh ingredients to pack a punch.  Dover sole is a light, flaky fish that almost literally melts in your mouth; the fennel bulb […]

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Two Loves, One Dish

Apparently I’m as obsessed with kale as I am with bacon. Kale seems to be popping up in all of my recipes lately. So today, let’s combine my two loves and have a dish with bacon-y (and kale-icious) goodness! This dish can also easily become both vegetarian and vegan by removing the bacon and replacing […]

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Hello Stew, Meet Curry & Saffron

I tend to eat a lot of warm foods in the winter time. Winter just seems to loan itself well to soups, stews, and ragouts. The following is a modified version of one of my favorite recipes. It combines lots of veggies with two of my favorite spices: saffron and curry! I made this while […]

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Freezing Outside, Hearty & Warm Inside

It’s been f-ing cold in Denver. Single digits, negative temperatures, wind. And to make this cold snap even more delightful, there is no heat in my house. Apparently there is a problem with the boiler and they’re “working” to get it fixed. Meanwhile, I have nothing to do but freeze and cook to try to […]

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