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Seeing Red With Beets & Blood Oranges

Craving a pseudo-summer treat? Meet this salad. Part summer, part winter, all tasty. As any salad will tell you, delicious can be make-it or break-it with the right or wrong dressing. In lieu of a classic dressing I used the simple juice of a blood orange.Blood oranges are the most bad-ass of all citrus. Beyond […]

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A Mexican Favorite With An Italian Touch

John Trujillo taught me how to make fajitas over a bar counter. I never set foot in the kitchen of the restaurant he owned for 20+ years but I spent a lot of time sitting at the bar. His daughter was a good friend of mine in high school–still is–and so many afternoons were spent […]

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Quitting A Chicken Marsala Habit

First, allow me to confess that I love chicken marsala. If I see it on a menu at a restaurant I feel compelled to order it, even if there are other and seemingly better options. Worse, it often occurs in the kinds of places where one should never order chicken marsala, like that airport where […]

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Someone Else Makes Dinner For Me!

Even as someone who loves to cook, it is always a pleasant treat when a friend offers to make dinner for me (and smart thinking on the part of the friend as it means I will return the favor soon enough). When I’ve had a particularly stressful day, or a long week, or we just […]

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Pretzels: An Alternative to Bread Crumbs

I picked up some awesome mustard on my recent-ish Palisade adventure. It is made with wine ,so clearly, it’s extra yummy. I knew as soon as I plucked the jar from the shelf that it would taste most excellent slathered on a chicken breast and holding on a pretzel crust. Using pretzels is a fun […]

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Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Tacos

Sometimes recipes are inspired by other dishes you’ve eaten or recipes read. Other times recipes are inspired by a craving for certain flavors or types of cuisine. Still others come about based upon ingredients that are handy. This is one such recipe. Oddly enough, I decided to make these wonderful tacos not out of a […]

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Goodbye Gut Contest: Our Winning Recipe!

Once upon a time, way back in June, we told you all about our Goodbye Gut Contest. Thanks to those of you who entered! It was a difficult process that took a bit longer than expected to cook our way through all your recipes–but a problem I’ll gladly take! Entries were scored on the following […]

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Another Asian Delight, Please!

Apparently I’m a little obsessed with Asian food. I mean, it’s not anything I didn’t actually know before–given the option of where to go out to eat, I’m likely to list four Asian cuisines out of five cuisine choices. But I’ve noticed that I also like to cook Asian-inspired treats as well, as evidenced by […]

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Show Your Summer Head Cold No Mercy

photo courtesy of Kokoro Photography I realize it’s officially summer now, but unfortunately some of us are plagued by a typically winter infection, the most dreaded of all illnesses–the summer cold! The dastardly summer cold sneaks its way into the most active and unwilling of hosts, bringing the poor soul to his or her tanned […]

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Are You Going To Scarborough Fair?

So there I am, standing in a strange kitchen staring at what I have. I have chicken. I have tomatoes. I have decided to roast them but haven’t planned any farther. ¬†Since I’m housesitting¬†I open the spice cabinet to see what else might be at my disposal. And there they were, the four musical spices… […]

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