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Stuffed Peaches Won’t Disappoint

Here’s another recipe that came out of my Palisade peach adventure. But this one has a much larger story than just, “Hey, I have some peaches. Cool…” Eat Denver is an organization of independent restaurateurs in the Denver area. This group takes the idea of being a localvore to a different level–eating local can be […]

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Goodbye Gut: Third Place Takes the Cake

What any good contest needs is a little competition, and I found that to be especially true of the Goodbye Gut contest. We got more submissions than expected (a good thing) and it took longer than anticipated to cook through all those recipes (also fine by me!). Today’s recipe will be the last featured recipe […]

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Don’t Cook? Make Pesto

Oh man, did I have a lot of herbs. And fresh herbs are so delicious and add such depth to any dish, but they can be hard to use up before they wilt and spoil. If you’re growing an herb garden at home, kudos to you! That’s the best way to enjoy fresh herbs year-round […]

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Un-wrap This Appetizer

All right, I’ve already discussed my obsession with Asian cuisine, but seriously…I think it may actually be a problem. Am I in a rut? A delicious Thai-Chinese-Japanese-Indian inspired rut? It may just be that I have a theme (but I also really love tacos, so that just throws the whole theory out of whack). These […]

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Ellen Gustafson: Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue


The Happiest of Happy Hours

┬áDairy and I don’t get along so well. She’s like a bossy older sister whom you love and respect but often want to smack upside the head. I love cheese (mmm triple creams) and ice cream and butter (c’mon, from southern roots, whatdaya want?) but these things don’t love me anymore. I avoid them when […]


Operation Goodbye Gut: A Contest!

Hello June. Hello swimsuit. Hello pool parties. Hello gut. Grrr. Gut. I know it could be worse. People don’t (often) ask me if I’m pregnant. (I’m not, and yes, there have been one or two who have looked at my little round belly and asked). I have what is known as a “First World Problem.” […]

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One Hot Sweet Mess

Jalapeno poppers are pretty standard bar food to be sure. But I can distinctly recall the very first time a barmaid planted a basket of them in front of me with a side of jam. Yes, jam. Ranch dressing be damned! Nothing can beat that delicious feeling of hot and spicy combined with melted cheese […]

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You Are Exactly What You Eat

Generally, this website is reserved for recipes and other tips like pantry stocking or planning that are directly related to making meals. Today however, I leave you the video below. I know it is 22 minutes long. But I promise you, it is 22 worthy minutes. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t have placed it here. […]

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A New Spin On Chicken Wings

This is a guest post from personal chef and culinary instructor Kathryn Furman It’s Super Bowl Sunday and maybe you are thinking about serving wings–a definite football staple that needs a bit of shaking up. Here are 2 easy recipes that will impress your guests. Crispy Potato Wings –3 1/2 lbs chicken wings ( I […]

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