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Simple Treat From The Mid-East

I feel a bit brain dead sometimes and need easy, tasty food that serves many purposes and isn’t total garbage. Oh so many times how I’ve succumbed to the “grab n’ go” and ended up later with a tummy ache or belly swollen with too much salt or grease. Last weekend I had some veggies […]

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Good Risotto Gone Bad

We’ve all been there. You read a recipe and think, “Wow, that sounds delicious!” only to end up with a bland or boring concoction that you just wasted 30+ minutes of your life on. It happens to everyone, regardless of culinary savvy. Sometimes it’s the fault of the recipe, sometimes the cook, and sometimes external […]

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A Grilling Fairy Tale

It’s hard to believe it’s officially Autumn, especially with the heat wave that many of us are feeling. I hear my friends in Atlanta are just as hot as it is here in Denver (still in the record-breaking upper 80s and low 90s). So in celebration, here’s one more Summer-inspired recipe that I’ve decided to […]

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Weeknight? Make It Light

Need a quick mid-week meal? Look no further than¬† your pantry. We all have stand bys (like pasta and store bought sauce or canned soup) that work well for us when we’re in a pinch, feeling uninspired, or feel super stressed out. I’m the last of those three right now as I’ve got big things […]

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One Hot Mess Of Veggies

As I said earlier this week, making salads can be a lot like making soup or pastas–you can throw together just about anything that tastes good! ¬†There’s pasta salad, and fruit salad, and a bevy of options when it comes to any greens-based salad. But I have to admit that even I hadn’t thought of […]

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Vegan. Green. Curry.

Mmm Thai curry. Hello delicious. Not to be confused with its tumeric-based Indian and Pakistani cousins, Thai curries are made of red, green, panang, and massaman curry pastes (among others). While both kinds of curries are delightful, the Thai version is heavy on the vegetables and often comes in a coconut milk broth. I made […]

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Not Your Nonna’s Primavera

Summer is threatening to come (though it did snow earlier this week so I kind of wish it would threaten a little harder) and with it a bevy of fresh vegetables. This simple pasta dish combines a delightful mix of veggies with two different cultural flavors–the Italian-American dish of pasta primavera and the flavors of […]

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Let’s Get Baked…Zucchini

I try to eat healthy, really I do. And for a girl who loves bacon and could eat it with every meal this can sometimes be tricky. (Note: 2 slices of bacon are only 90 calories so shut it). Often, when I’ve been going out to eat a lot or eating a bunch of fried […]

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Hello Stew, Meet Curry & Saffron

I tend to eat a lot of warm foods in the winter time. Winter just seems to loan itself well to soups, stews, and ragouts. The following is a modified version of one of my favorite recipes. It combines lots of veggies with two of my favorite spices: saffron and curry! I made this while […]

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